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A letter to Macca's

Here is a letter I sent to McDonald's yesterday: *** 7 March 2016 Mr Andrew Gregory Managing Director/ CEO McDonald’s Australia Head Office 21-29 Central Avenue Thornleigh  NSW  2120 Dear Andrew, RE:  McDonald’s responsible use of plastic I am writing to you regarding the use by McDonald’s Australia of plastic throwaway items. These include, but are not limited to, spoons, sticks, straws, cups, coffee cups, lids and sauce containers. I wish to request that McDonald’s, considered a leader in the fast food industry, takes the bold step of adopting more environmentally responsible practices by discontinuing the use of these items. There is a good range of bamboo, timber and paper products which can be used in place of plastic. A bamboo stirrer will biodegrade and bamboo is a renewable resource. A plastic stirrer will not biodegrade, and will sit in a gutter, often missed by sweepers (where there are sweepers). It may even be mistaken for food by a s

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